As a growing company we are always looking for opportunities to expand our business. This time it came from a rather unexpected wish that one of our co-founders has had for quite some time now. He wanted to start doing something for the people in need in Africa. Together with one of our business relations he traveled to Africa looking for ways to improve the quality of life for the people there. While being there he was amazed by the people and the beauty of the country he visited. Besides their happiness, even though they do not have the luxury we are accustomed to, they are also great in working with the natural resources that can be found there. They handcraft the most beautiful artwork that we normally see from large factories. 


So as a wholesale company and him being the CEO, the next step was not really a surprise. After talking to some of the local townsfolk it became clear that they wouldn't mind to sell us some of their goods in larger numbers for a price that they normally would not get for it. While we were looking for ways to send and receive goods we came into contact with a charity organization that wanted to help us to send supplies (clothes, tools, i.e.) to Africa. Our first (partial ours) container with charity goods has been send to Africa in December 2016.


This all may still sound a bit abstract; we buy stuff there but how is that any different than buying it in, lets say, China. So let us explain. We do not only buy newly crafted goods, we also buy old used furniture, like in the photo above. We bought 50 new schooldesks and gave those to the school in exchange for the old ones. 

We are also helping to set up a free of charge and free to use shop where people can use the tools we have send to Africa. 

There is also no demand that we need certain quantities, we just buy what people want to sell and when we have enough we start shipping it. This way the people can choose when they want to make some extra money.